La Cuvée 3C




55 % Pinot Meunier, 17 % Chardonnay, 28 % Pinot Noir, and 35 % are vinified in oak barrel. Dosage : 2 g/

The 3 types of grapes cuvée is a fruity cuvée, with finesse and élégance.

A nice culinary alliance with, for example, a mauve turnip steamed with lemon confit and lemon basil, a mango mayonnaise, serrano ham and purslane.

Jérôme Bourgeois Diaz uses herbal teas made by his mother for his biodynamic preparations. Bourgeois Diaz domain is at the begining of champagne area, at Crouttes sur marne He is in DEMETER ( organic and biodynamic certification )

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