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I adore champagne ! Do you? But, not just any champagne: only that created with passion, by ecological and organic wine growers.

These wine growers are proud of their family heritage and expertise. But, more than that, they have the courage to adapt their sometimes century old methods, to offer the most natural vintages possible. They offer a healthy and delicious champagne.

“Traditional agriculture kills life in the sun.
Organic maintains it and biodynamics stimulate this life.”

Florin, founder and coordinator for the biodynamic movement

With Mademoiselle Bulles, you will experience unique ‘nuggets’, rare champagnes and reasonable quantities of products. The champagnes are not mixed vintages and have a real taste of the earth. They will not give you a headache because they do not contain sulfites. They are made with mature grapes and without added sugar (or very little).